MARBLE ART BERLIN by Ado Grässmann

Warum Marmor fasziniert

All marble was generated in the ocean by metamorphose, life was converted into stone, about 300 million years ago. Marble is calcium carbonate the same material that is responsible for the stability of our bones. Shellfishes produced it as cover for defense. When the mussels and ouster tied, the shells dropped to the bottom of the ocean and the high water pressure and chemical reactions tranformed shells into marble. However, when all marble was generated at the bottom of the ocean, how can it be that we have marble mountains?

About 300 million years ago there was only one big continent called Pangea. This continent broke into pieces and part of the sea bottom moved up, becoming mountains at the new continents. In the studio, artists convert the stone into sculptures and marble gets a new life, as a second metamorphosis.

Every year from January to February Ado visits a good friend in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, to build new sculptures. The climate, the way of living and the beauty of nature in Vietnam gives him the inspiration to create new art works.